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Is Friend Zone a sexist term?

An article on takes a feminist look at the friend zone concept, and I think this author was way off the mark. She says it’s a sexist term, but is guilty of sexism herself by never acknowledging that girls aren’t the only ones putting people in friend zones and guys aren’t always the ones […]

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Save the dirty talk for later

“Girls are much more at ease meeting ad new guy if the conversation begins light hearted whereas a conversation opening with sexual references or anything overtly suggestive is only going to put her off 99% of the time.” – The Mens Guide To Tinder

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Looking For Love

You know how the song goes. Even if you haven’t heard it, you know how the song goes: “Looking for love in all the wrong places” It’s become a cliche. A trope. A phrase so common that talentless bloggers use it to…well, you get the jist. But cliches become cliches for a reason. They contain […]

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