Date #2.1: A second look at Dane

bad-dateIt’s actually been a while since I’ve liked someone enough to go for a second date. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I liked Dane enough for one. He’d made a good impression on, but I hadn’t felt any chemistry. But he was cute and we’d gotten along well, so I decided it was worth a second try.

We started the evening with a game of Cards Against Humanity at a friend’s house. He was funny and seemed to make a good impression on the group, but still I didn’t feel anything more than a platonic appreciation for him. Next, we went to a Balkan music show. We enjoyed the music and chatted easily between sets, but when he slipped his arm around my waist I felt awkward. I’d been having a nice time with him, but this small show of affection just didn’t feel natural to me. After the show, as we walked toward his car, he put his arm around me again. I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t into it. He had all the right qualities: Attractive, funny, friendly.
When we reached the car, he turned to face me and asked, “So, is this going to be a thing?”
I wasn’t sure how to respond. “I- I’m not sure,” I stammered. “Maybe?”
He gently pulled me closer and kissed me. It was then that I knew for sure, that this was not going to be a thing. Nothing. I just felt nothing. I probably should have said something right then, but I chickened out. We chatted a bit on the ride back to my house, but I was careful not to make any additional plans. When we arrived, I gave him a small peck on the lips, said goodnight, and went inside.
Dane didn’t do anything wrong. He seemed like a great guy. Sometimes it just works out that way, I suppose. You can like someone just fine, but there’s just got to be that extra little something to make me want to tear someone’s clothes off, and we didn’t have it. Should I have listened to my gut after that first date? Maybe, but we still had a nice time so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving something a second chance just to be sure.

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Misty Manson is addicted to dating and has decades of real-world experience and field-tested wisdom to share. A longtime contributor to several dating and sexuality sites, Misty currently shares her exploits and tips on her blog, This commitment-phobic playgirl won't tell you how to get a ring on your finger, but she will tell you how to score that first date and give you tips to keep them coming back for more. Besides, "who's got time for love when dating is so much fun?"

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