I’ve gotta rethink my image

Excerpt from his first message on OKCupid:

“I am looking for…a person who is well mannered, is stable in life, is clear about things she wants/doesn’t want in life…”

First line of my profile:

“If you’re looking for a girl who showers every day and knows exactly what she’s doing with her life, you should ‘swipe left’…”

Couldn’t even make it to the first line! So I guess it was all the photos of me in wacky wigs, playing in a punk rock marching band, grabbing asses in the desert while holding a PBR, and shoving my fist in a pie that made me seem stable and put-together. I’ve gotta rethink my image…

About Misty Manson

Misty Manson is addicted to dating and has decades of real-world experience and field-tested wisdom to share. A longtime contributor to several dating and sexuality sites, Misty currently shares her exploits and tips on her blog, 100FirstDates.com. This commitment-phobic playgirl won't tell you how to get a ring on your finger, but she will tell you how to score that first date and give you tips to keep them coming back for more. Besides, "who's got time for love when dating is so much fun?"

9 comments on “I’ve gotta rethink my image

  1. When I said I like to party (it’s in 3 places) he asked which room of the house was my favorite to party in…

  2. Interesting, I wouldn’t think of those descriptions as opposites. The first to me seems like a person who has a strong identity in the sense of ethical values, ideas of what’s respectful to others, what they want in relationships.

  3. And also, I think grabbing asses while holding a PBR & shoving a fist in a pie is an excellent depiction of a stable person. I think a lot of stability comes from humor and the ability to laugh amidst the rest of stress life brings…

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