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Stop posting pictures with your dog, and other things Zoosk learned in 2014

OKCupid isn’t the only site using its massive amounts of data to make observations and predictions about online dating trends and behavior.  The highly ranked dating site released a graphic showing 2014 trends alongside their predictions for 2015. The whimsical nature of the predictions makes me suspect that they are just fluff like the kind of stuff you’d find on Cosmo.com, but the statistics on the 2014 trends side are quite interesting and may teach us a few lessons.

The Photo Style section, for instance, both confirmed a few of my own opinions, and gave me a few surprises.  Zoosk found that posting selfies decreased men’s messages by 8%. I guess I’m not the only gal that hates selfies. Guys don’t seem to mind it as much in their potential matches, however, because women who posted selfies got an average of 4% more messages than those that didn’t. Eek, as if women needed more encouragement to point their cameras in their own faces. Interestingly, outdoor photos increased messages to men by 19%, while it decreased messages to women by a whopping 40%. I agree with the guys on this one. If I never see another dude with his beloved snowboard on a dating site, it’ll be too soon. Unsurprisingly, full body shots increased messages for both genders. The shocking part was by how much: an extraordinary 203%! Also unsurprisingly – to me, anyway – posting  photos with your friends decreased messages by 53% for both genders. Now will you please stop posting all of those group photos? We don’t want to squint and try to guess which one is our potential date, we just want to see YOU! Besides, half the time the one I thought was the cutest wasn’t the owner of the profile I was viewing. Talk about a backfire.


See the full graphic on Zoosk’s blog.